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BDSM2-375x281BDSM has long been seen as a dark and perverse pursuit, only practiced by weird and witchy women in PVC, or multi-pierced and tattooed bikie chicks. There has been a kinky coolness in the mainstream to owning a whip and a pair of handcuffs, even if they’re collecting dust in the back of the wardrobe as you decide what to do with them. The popularity of 50 Shades of Grey has changed that somewhat and BDSM is hip again. Many Elite Sydney Escorts offer BDSM as part of their repertoire and it is a different and exciting alternative.

Bondage and Discipline, and Sado Masochism is about control, and about the fine line between pleasure and pain. Here at Elysium Escorts we would never condone violence or anything non-consensual within a sexual relationship. But between consenting adults, acting out scenarios that are planned and agreed, your Elysium Escort is happy to let you experiment and indulge fantasies that you are too embarrassed to try elsewhere.

It has been known for centuries that a pleasure can be derived from pain – that the endorphin’s released when pain is inflicted are very similar to those experienced during sex. There is also a huge excitement gained from the expectations around of not knowing what is going to happen in a sexual situation – and an even bigger release when the pain felt is not as great as expected.

BDSM-250x191Often BDSM sessions take place without sexual intercourse even taking place. The build-up of sexual energy is enough satisfaction in itself. Equally a mistress might discipline you and then make you have sex with a female slave – hardly the worst punishment ever!

Psychological studies have also shown recently that people practicing BDSM are actually more well-adjusted than the average population, rather than weird misfits. They are more often than not in high-powered jobs that require large efforts of concentration. Playing out a BDSM role allows them to escape into fantasy – either by exerting total control over a situation of having it taken away from them.

Like in 50 Shades, sometimes a contract will be drawn up so that both parties agree on the limits of a session. And there is always a safeword (such as “Elysium”) that can end the session if either feels it has gone too far.

Think of when you’re at the gym and you go hard for a long time, or push yourself harder and faster on a run. When you’ve finished the high is enormous. BDSM shares similar highs – it’s the massive pleasure to be had by going past instant gratification into a prolonged and different level of sexual satisfaction.

If you’ve always been interested in trying BDSM but have never had the opportunity, why not talk to Elysium about experimenting with one of our girls. Even a light session with a blindfold, ice and some gentle spanking could give you a taste of excitement with one of Sydney’s most beautiful high class escorts.

Let Elysium Escorts help you experience a little pain and a lot of pleasure.

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