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X-Factor-320x180Last year Samantha X, the secret high class escort who had written a book about her experiences in Sydney, was revealed as 40-year-old mother-of-two Amanda Goff. Formerly a successful journalist, and from a middle class English background, the soccer mom had decided to become a high class escort – and did very well at it. Amanda did an interview on TV and there was a huge backlash criticizing her. Social media erupted with abuse.

Really though, she should be something of a role model. This is a single mum in her 40s who has clearly looked after herself – you have to if you want to be a successful high class escort in Sydney – and made something of her life. She was good at writing, great in bed, and combined the two with huge success. These days Amanda earns $1000 per hour as her alter ego Samantha X, so that’s about as financially successful as you can get on the Sydney escort scene.

There were comments about her not being a great mum – but if mum can hold down a career worth $200,000 per year, by working four hours a week, then she’s going to have a lot of quality time with those kids. By all accounts Amanda is an outstanding mum, anyway.

As she also pointed out in her book, her role isn’t just to provide sex; it’s also to offer advice and affection. To be a truly successful courtesan you need more than just a great body and blowjob technique, you also need to be compassionate, understanding, intelligent, patient and caring. Most high class escorts need to have those life skills as well as a cute ass, because they provide an experience that is not only sensual and sexy, but one that is often caring and full of compassion when needed. While many clients simply want a good time, many want to be understood and validated.

These days not only does Samantha X earn money as a high class escort in Sydney; she also mentors women and offers relationship advice. She writes columns, she runs a website – and she does the school run.

Next time you hire an escort from an elite agency, it’s worth being aware that the high class courtesan you hire is more than just a pretty face. She can be your friend, your companion and even your counselor for a short time, as well as your lover. Not anyone can be a high class escort – only those with the x factor.

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