“Didn’t know what to expect and just went with it so when I arrived and saw the girl that greeted me I had a heart attack.”


“After some soft and then more passionate kissing she gently pushed me onto the bed and stripped off to reveal some of the sexiest lingerie I’ve ever seen – black stockings, black and ruby suspender belt and sheer black panties.”

“She looked so sweet without shoes, and in her hassled state, and was dressed like any City office girl in a skirt and blouse. “

“As a regular business traveller to Sydney, it is nice to have relaxing company after a stressful day.”

“We spent some time on the sofa getting to know each other before I had a quick shower. When I returned she was sitting on the bed. She’d kicked her heels off and her stocking tops were showing.”

“She’s one of the best kissers I’ve met for sure. She was petite enough for me to carry to the bed. She was vocal, responsive and gave some subtle direction while I pleasured her with my hands and mouth.”

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