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HandcuffsYou may have noticed on our ads that most of the girls at Elysium Escorts include toys in their list of services. Interestingly, many men see toys as perhaps the domain of women only. Perhaps they think of the vibrator as their battery-driven rival – a friend for their partner when they’re away from home. Actually though, when used with imagination, toys can heighten your sexual encounter and add to the experience both mentally and physically.

If you’d like to play with some toys – as well as a stunning escort – then the girls at Elysium Escorts would only be too willing to help out. In fact they’d love it!

Handcuffs are the first thing we’d suggest – being restrained yourself can be a liberating experience as a girl teases you in any way she wishes while you are at her mercy. But equally, many of our girls would love you to lock up their wrists and then slowly kiss and lick their bodies. Maybe some gentle spanking would add a spark to the session. A whip is also a fun addition. While spanking with your hand is every bit as effective, just the sight of a whip says “we’re going to have some fun here”!

Strap-OnThe vibrator can also be your friend rather than your rival. It’s beautiful seeing the look on your escorts face as you drive her wild with passion. Men are known for their lack of multi-tasking abilities, but during sex they somehow make the effort to do lots of sexy things at once. With a decent vibrator, soft fingers and a naughty tongue, you can combine a number of sensations in plenty of erogenous zones as you take your escort to the brink of ecstasy. She’ll certainly want to repay that service and more.

The cock ring is another little-used toy that can do wonders for you and your Elysium Escort partner. Fitting it to the base of your cock will get you an even longer and harder erection – and who doesn’t want that? At the same time the attachment will stimulate your partner’s clit as you have sex. You’ll feel like a sex God as you drive the lady wild with your love-making and last longer than you ever have. And when you finally climax the intensity of feeling will be like you’ve never known.

Let’s face it; we love our toys – golf clubs, power tools, surfboards and mountain bikes. And we LOVE sex with a beautiful woman. Perhaps strange then that we don’t combine the two more often. Let the girls of Elysium Escorts help you to enjoy a new angle on your sexual encounters – maybe you’ll even need to get your own toy box.

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