What are you looking for when you see a high class Sydney escort?

No, it’s not a trick question. Obviously you’re looking for a great time with a beautiful woman – but what constitutes a Great Time? And what your idea of a Beautiful Woman is might actually be different from the next man.

When you watch porn, then invariably the woman involved is a Sex Goddess. Heavily made up with bright red lips and pumped up breasts, and ready to do ANYTHING. For some, that’s the obvious fantasy they’re looking for from their escort: Full of dirty talk, aggressive blow jobs and a climax in your escort’s face. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

For some though it’s more about a connection. And for those clients, there can be an intimidation factor to the porn star look. For many men hiring an escort they want a real woman – one that reminds them of their wife when she was younger, or the past love that they let go.

Many of the clients we meet at Elysium Escorts want a real woman that makes their fantasy seem more real. Yes they want a woman who looks good in lingerie – and even better when she takes it off – but they don’t necessarily want perfection. For many clients we speak to, the first thing they ask about is personality. With that in mind we always ensure that Elysium Escorts are bright, friendly, and sensitive. We want girls who will put you at ease, make you feel relaxed and put the ‘Girlfriend’ into Girlfriend Experience.

Don’t get us wrong, our girls are beautiful. They look like real girls and women. They’re sexy, they’re pretty, they know exactly what they’re doing in bed, and they’re perfect to spend time with. Are you likely to see them on the catwalk at Fashion Week? Probably not. But if you saw them in the office or on the train, you’d start undressing them with your eyes.

Hey, there’s no need to just undress them with your eyes, just give us a call and you can undress them for real. Elysium Escorts are keeping it real when it comes to your fantasy.

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