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You may possibly be thinking that sex with an escort is a risky proposition. Actually it’s probably the safest sex you’re ever going to have. And if you have sex with a high class escort from an elite Sydney escort agency, then you’re in for one of the safest and most sensual experiences that exists.

Think about it. A high class Sydney Escort has only one piece of work equipment in her lucrative career – and that’s her body. Not only is she likely to keep it gym-toned, yoga-flexed, and full of the healthiest foods; she also wants to protect it. If she were to catch something then it would mean time off work and thousands of dollars in income lost. And if she worked for a respected agency, then there name might be sullied.

Contraception-250x120So high class models with the best agencies are careful and respectful of their bodies and yours. In the same way they work out, moisturize their beautiful skin and buy the most expensive lingerie, they also practice safe sex. They are in control of their encounters – never drunk, never on drugs, always professional, never carried away with the situation. Yes, they often enjoy the encounter and have orgasms themselves, but they still remain professional and aware.
Compare that to the girl you pick up in a nightclub. The one you’ve never met before, will never see again, who has no responsibilities and no contact number. She’s drunk, you’re drunk, and it all seems a good idea at the time. Maybe you’re not as careful as you should be and both get a bit carried away – even if it’s only for a moment. Neither of you owe each other anything and so you both take a chance. It’s fun, but it’s also risky.

Or maybe you’d try meeting someone on a singles website – hey, surely it’s cheaper than an escort for a start? Well factor in 200 bucks for a crap hotel room and another 200 for a meal you don’t really want, for an encounter that you have no idea what it will be like, and it’s not as cheap as you first thought. Alternatively you could spend the same amount on a guaranteed beautiful woman, in a luxury apartment, who is clean and professional and will give you the night of your life. Sexy, sophisticated, sensual and safe. Every time.

I can tell you which one I think is the safest bet…

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